What a Business Idea: ‘Nanny in the Clouds’

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We’re kind of jealous that we didn’t think of this first, but that’s only if it catches on and could have scored us loads of cash. Unfortunately, we really don’t know if it’s going to be the next big thing in air travel. Nanny in the Clouds promises to give you and your family a little bit of an extra hand the next time you’re flying up in the air, as the plan is to connect in-flight nannies with families in need of a little extra assistance.

There’s a couple options from which to choose, as Nanny in the Clouds will be happy to help you set up your own in-flight babysitter company. On the other hand you can also search for those who area already scheduled to fly on your flight, and then they’ll take care of connecting you and your family with an extra pair of hands. It’s only $10 to use the service to arrange your in-flight nanny, but after that it’s up to you and your personal Mary Poppins to discuss the final payments.

We’d recommend finalizing this before takeoff, as we’re sure your babysitter might want to bump up the rates depending on how your kids behave at 35,000 feet. It sounds like Nanny in the Clouds recommends maybe around $10 or $20 an hour as a good going rate, so be sure not to go crazy if you’re planning to make a career chasing after kids up in the clouds.

Background checks and other options aren’t really available through the company, but they do require a couple verifiable references from those who are submitting to be in-flight nannies. Right now it sounds like only flight numbers are available to search, so if you’re looking for a specific city pair before booking your flights you are out of luck. It sounds like the company is thinking about—or working to—add these features and improve things sooner than later. Again, it’s a pretty clever idea—one we wish we thought up—but we’re a little hesitant investing our hard earned blogging income on this business venture.



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