Australia—2012 Total Solar Eclipse

News alert for Travellers to Australia:

The Total Solar Eclipse is On The 14 November 2012

Thousands of people from all over the world are packing their bags bound for Cairns, Australia, so they can feel what happens when the moon overtakes the sun and casts a shadow so large the land is plunged into darkness…



Australia’s Cairns and Great Barrier Reef region- Nature’s Theme Park- is the only place in the world wher you can experince hte full glory of the earth’s total solar eclipse.

A total solar eclipse occurs naturally once every couple of years however 2012 is your only chance (for the next 400-500 years at least) to experience this amazing natural phenomenon surrounded by the Great Barrier Reef and the oldest, World Heritage-listed rainforests on the planet. Celebrate with culture, music and art at the 2012 Solar Eclipse Festival and then experience some of the many day-tours available.


14 November 2012


Great Barrier Reef and Cairns region, Australia

For more information, visit the official 2012 Total Solar Eclipse website: 2012 Total Solar Eclipse

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4 Responses to Australia—2012 Total Solar Eclipse

  1. Hi All,
    The total solar eclipse is going to be an awesome time in the tropical Cairns region. There are plenty of activities to do, festivals and events such as the eclipse marathon to take part in. At this time of the year, the water is usually crystal clear on the Great Barrier Reef, as it is just before the wet season.

    The center line of the eclipse passes between Cairns and Port Douglas. You will need to choose you viewing area carefully, so if there are clouds over the Coral Sea, you can move quickly. As there is only one road (single lanes – the very scenic ‘Captain Cook’ Highway) going from Cairns to Port Douglas, you may get caught out. The good news is that the eclipse is at 6.38am so the cloud will not have built up to much by then.

    One BIG BIG BIG warning for our American friends. The eclipse is on the morning of the 14th. If you are flying from the USA, you lose a day as you cross the International Date Line. You will need to leave the West Coast on the 11th to get here on the 13th if you intend to leave it that late. Don’t worry, you get that day back on the flight home. Flights may be hard to get from Sydney, so book early if you are going through that Airport.

    Pete Pritchard
    Small World Journeys
    Cairns, Australia

  2. 7theaven says:

    It’s soo awesome. Wish I could witness it myself!

  3. Im actually trying to see if I can get a group of my friends to go. We will see, I really want to witness it myself also 🙂

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