Relief From the Sky: What the Airlines are Doing to Help Japan (and How You Can Join In)

They may be standing strong in the wake of both horrible earthquakes and the tsunami, but Japan does need our help, and badly. Think about all the enjoyment you’ve gotten from Japan—good sushi, awesome video games, breakthrough technology, superior customer service (for example)—and consider donating to relief efforts. Cash is obviously the easiest way to contribute and it’s the most in demand, since then charities can put it towards whatever is most needed. If you like the idea of getting a thanks for your donation, American Airlines, in partnership with the Red Cross, will kick you back AAdvantage miles for your donation. Through April 15, 2011, AAdvantage members can earn a one-time award of 250 AAdvantage bonus miles for a minimum $50 donation, or 500 AAdvantage bonus miles for a donation of $100 or more to the American Red Cross. To receive your bonus miles, forward your email donation acknowledgement from the American Red Cross to Please do not change the subject line, but do provide your AAdvantage number in the email. If you’re not a member of AAdvantage but still want to do something, the Red Cross also accepts donations not of money, but of your frequent flyer miles, from Continental, Delta, United and US Airways. And last but not least, other charities like Unicef accept donations from other airlines and hotel groups like Starwood.


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