There Are Only Two More Chances to Watch the Space Shuttle Launch, Ever

By Jaunted

Sometimes, thinking about the vastness of outer space and Earth’s attempts to explore the most infinitesimal pinch of it via assorted space programs leaves our mind reeling and frankly, we get a little freaked out at the vast unknown surround us. We’ve pretty much accepted that man won’t be walking on Mars in our lifetime, or maybe even on the moon again, but at least there’s the rare chance that we could at least witness a Space Shuttle launch from the skies.

This is exactly the awesome chance a recent passenger had, while on a flight to Orlando. Eye-to-eye with the Space Shuttle Discovery for a moment at 30,000, as the shuttle blasted off for its final mission to the International Space Station, he captured the moment on camera, slapped it on YouTube and it’s become an instant classic. You can watch it above, but we highly recommend clicking the link and viewing it larger for full, awe-inspiring effect.

Thanks to this video, we’ve discovered a temporary new fascination with similar videos. Just search “Space Shuttle from airplane” and there’s a small treasure trove of like videos, taken over the last few years by flyers who managed to have the blind luck to be airborne within viewing distance of a Shuttle launch.

Although this was the final Discovery trip, there’ll be two more Shuttle launches before the whole program calls it kaputt: Endeavor does a launch on April 19 and Atlantis on June 28. Book your Florida flights now to catch the mid-air action!

We wonder what a Virgin Galactic launch will look like…


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