Get One Final Oscars Fix with a Tour of the Kodak Theatre

By Jaunted

Even though the Academy Awards have all been handed out and some celebrities are back to wearing their pajamas, you might still need a little more of an Oscar fix over the next few days. There’s no Oscar Museum yet—they’re working on one—but you can always visit the home of the award ceremony at the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles. There won’t be any famous faces or thankfully any hosts—was it just us, or were Franco and Hathaway just awful?—but there are plenty of the golden statues.

The theatre is still hard at work cleaning things up after all of the weekend’s festivities, so you have to wait to take your tour until this Saturday. Once the tours open back up, you can expect a 30-minute tour through the facility where you can stop to in the George Eastman VIP Room and other spots where the in-crowd hangs out before and after the show. If you’re lucky they might even let you walk out onto the stage, but just remember not to start in with your acceptance speech.

Tours are available from Monday through Sunday between 10:30am and 4:00pm, and it’s just $15 per adult. You’ll definitely get a chance to view at least one real life Oscar award, but unfortunately no matter how much you tip your tour guide they won’t let you hold it.

Just remember to leave your camera back in the car, as they’re not cool with photographs of any kind. Oh, and you’re definitely welcome to wear tourist casual, as no black tie attire is required.


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