Christmas Holidays 2010

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 Christmas holydays 2010 are here! You must have planned something grand for you and your family for this Christmas. Christmas is celebrated around the world, but in different ways in different countries. Generally, families spend a quality time with each other during the Christmas Eve and enjoy the grand feast together. There are different traditions and customs in every country, but decorations and parties are the inseparable parts of Christmas celebrations of all geographical parts on the globe. 

Christmas holiday destinations :

Traveling with your family and friends is something, which most people prefer to do during the vacation. The Christmas holiday ideas are varied since every place has its uniqueness.

Most popular Christmas holiday destinations

Places like USA, Florida, and New York are best if you want to see the brightest Christmas celebrations in the world. These places are also good for Christmas parties at the beaches. Apart from that, there are ancient monuments and forests, which are worth visiting. Paris and France are the hot tourist destinations for Christmas holidays. Candlelight carolers and Christmas trees are the main elements for Christmas decorations. You can enjoy your holidays by shopping around and visiting a number of sightseeing sights in these places. Some places such as London, United Kingdom, and Birmingham are great for those, who are looking for the grand celebrations in a corporate style. Exotic Christmas parties are thrown in the nightclubs in the aforementioned places.

Family Christmas holiday destinations

There are many people, who plan for family holidays during the Christmas holidays. There are some places in the world, which are ideal for family holidays. Chile, New Zealand, and Germany are very popular destinations for family holidays. Kaikoura in New Zealand is an ideal place where you can take your kids with you. Kaikoura is famous for wildlife tours, where you can spot reindeers, sperm whales, fur seals, pilot whales, and dolphins. Santiago in Chile is another significant place to visit during your Christmas holidays. Santiago is known for its warm weather and Christmas food. Nurnberg in Germany is famous for its Christmas markets. Apart from these three places, other popular Christmas holidays 2010 can be conducted to Mexico, Spain, South America, Italy, Africa, Rome, Australia, the Mediterranean, South East Asia, Singapore, Thailand, New Zealand, Hong Kong, and Philippines.

Cheap Christmas holiday destinations

Christmas calls for a lot of expenses and many people might want a budget holiday during Christmas. Places like Turkey, Spain, Egypt, India, and Cyprus are the best place for affordable holidays. Moreover, you can experience excellent shopping and sightseeing options in these countries.

Christmas holiday tips

First set a budget and duration of the trip.There are many Christmas holiday packages for Christmas holidays for example, 7 days, 14 days, or 30 days. Go for the right package.

If you are opting for a place, where language can be a barrier, it is advisable for you to learn the local language a bit.

Select the theme of the holiday. There are a number of themes, when it comes to Christmas holidays 2010 such as beach holidays, adventure tours, and Walt Disney Christmas holiday.

Christmas Markets in USA

Christmas Markets in USA include the various cake shops, malls and departmental stores selling Christmas goodies. You can also locate the local Christmas stalls and stores on the streets. These are small temporary shops that sell Christmas items at discounted price range.

 Famous Christmas Markets in USA.

With so many buying outlets today it’s difficult to choose from where to buy your Christmas items. We have listed down the top 6 Christmas Shops in USA for you to choose from.

“Always Christmas” at Stone Mountain, Georgia.

What to buy – You can get your Christmas trees, music CD’s, stockings, and wreathes from here. This is often known as a Christmas holiday fantasy land.

 “Christmas Tree Shops” at Cape Cod

What to buy- This is a group of 35 stores selling Christmas decoratives. Initially it was located on Cape Cod. Now it has expanded to Massachussets, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Maine and New Hampshire. Here you can get all sorts of items from holly, mistletoe, festive tags, batches, Christmas jars and mugs at discounted price.

Bronner’ at Frankenmuth, Michigan.

What to buy – The store proudly claims itself as the world’s largest Christmas store. The best things to buy from here are decorated trees, Christmas ornaments, animated figurines, Australian brown glass, colored garlands and Christmas boxes. The store occupies an area of 7.35 acre and was set up on 1945.

 “Rogers’ Christmas House” at West Central Florida.

What to buy – You can get all your Christmas goodies for yourself and your kids from this store. The shop is a five house complex dealing exclusively in Christmas gifts, tokens and compliments.

Christmas Place” at the Smokey Mountains

What to buy – This is the apt place to get your Seraphim Angels and Annalee Dolls. The section known as “Santa’s Basement” offers attractive discounts. The store is arranged in an old world style.

 “Christmas” at Disney at Florida

What to Buy – You can shop from this store for your home Christmas party and also your kid. The best items to buy are Disney logo merchandise, Disney logo T-shirts and dresses, Mickey and Minnie ornaments. One of the largest shops is situated in Downtown Disney Shops. This occupies a part of the Disney World Complex.

 Christmas cake Markets in USA

Cakes are an important aspect of Christmas celebrations. Various shop’s dealing in cakes and confectioneries introduces special flavors. Given below is a list of cake stores in USA.

Jamaica’s Cakes –Area – West Los Angeles

Phoenix Bakery –Area – Elysian Park

Lark Silver Lake Cake Shop –Area – Silver Lake

Ruby Bakery-Area – Eagle Rock

Hansen’s Cakes –Area – West Los Angeles

Kiss My Bundt –Area – Mid-City West

Cake & Art –Area- West Hollywood

Sweet Lady Jane Bakery –Area- West Hollywood

Lido Bakery -Area- Manhattan Beach

Susina Bakery & Café –Area – Mid-City West, West Hollywood

Christmas Trees

What more you will also find Christmas tress for sale .They have been groomed and grown in the best farms, specially fore this season. Thus on your visit to USA at Christmas will have loads of fun in store for you.

 Ginger Bread Hearts

When you go down any of the Christmas Markets in USA, you will get to see ginger bread hearts hanging from the attractively laid out shops.It is interesting to note that the words inscribed on them are in actual sugar.


While the festive season is on, you must tuck into crepes. These are extra thin pancakes made especially at this time of the year. You will love its flavor and texture.

 Regional Fish

There is a special fish sold in the Christmas Markets in USA. It is sold especially during Christmas. Do taste this specialty.

Other Christmas markets in USA would be the attire shops. These shops sell Santa Claus dresses as well as robes and caps. You can do your Christmas shopping from the malls at Minnesota. Nevada, Las Vegas and Florida.

 Christmas Traditions in USA   

Christmas traditions in USA are full of fun and interesting lines. The country is dipped in the old flavor of tradition and culture, despite being a modern country. Christmas midnight mass, turkey dinners, pudding, and Christmas tree decorations are some among the many traditions of this festival

Christmas Traditions at a glance:

USA practices its various Christmas traditions with care. It is during this time that the Americans put behind their worries and spend a quality time with their family and friends. Some of the major customs of the festival include:

The Gift exchange tradition: Exchanging gifts during Christmas has been a common custom in America. This custom was initially famous among the Romans. The Romans would exchange gifts on the occasion of Saturnalia and the Roman New Year. But the actual tradition of giving gifts to each other on Christmas comes from the story of the three wise men visiting baby Jesus with gifts.

Eggnog: Having Eggnog on Christmas is an old colonial tradition. As the story goes, on Christmas Eve in 1826, Jefferson Davis and his other cadets celebrated this festival with Eggnog. Eggnog is a unique preparation which contains, fruit base, eggs, milk and cream. The 18th century eggnog contained beer, wine, and ale. Some would also add spices like nutmeg.

Candy Cane and its history: There is a very interesting story behind the famous tradition of giving sweet candy canes to children during Christmas in USA. Two hundred and thirty years ago, the children visited the Cologne Cathedral and made a lot of noise. It was difficult for the choirmaster to concentrate on the Nativity ceremony. To solve this problem, he made sweet cane candies and gave them to the children. The color of the sweet cane candies has biblical significance. The white color signifies purity while the red lines signify Christ’s wounds.

Christmas Candles: Burning candles on Christmas is a well-known tradition followed by all. The candles too have a major significance as these are burnt with a purpose. The candle’s light guide baby Christ to each home, when he comes to visit everyone on the festival. The candles are kept on the windowsill, which is considered as the “star of wonder”. Candles also symbolize the removal of darkness from the world.

 Christmas tree decoration: Decoration of the pine tree for this festival is also a common tradition. The tradition was initially followed by the Romans who passed it on to America. The custom actually came from a belief, of few trees flowering immensely during the Christmas month. It is said that the trees paid homage to Christ on the occasion of his birth anniversary. The custom first appeared in the year 1605. Later, the tree decorations gained its popularity when Prince Albert and Queen Victoria backed this custom. They displayed their decorated Christmas tree in the year 1840.

Interesting Christmas traditions in America:

 Some of the other amazing customs practiced during this festival are:

Gingerbread Tradition

Christmas Bells


Art of Wassail

Christmas Greeting cards



Reindeer’s Legendry custom story

Stockings on Christmas

Christmas Pickles

The Christmas traditions in USA are a major part of their celebration. People enjoy following these customs 

Holiday Tips  

Be it the mountains, beaches or the islands you will always need few essential holiday tips. These are small “things to do” that would be handy if you include them in your travel plan. In this page, we have discussed few important holiday tips for you.

General Holiday Tips  

So let us get started with some of the general holiday tips. They mostly pertain to things that you can check on even before you have started holidaying.

After deciding your holiday spot, check with your travel agent about the tour deals. We suggest that you take quotes from two travel agents and opt for the one that suits your budget.

Do a quick online research about the best time to visit a place.

The best time to visit most hill stations is early summers.

Enquire about the standard payment process of a particular place. In most of the cities, towns and countries you can pay via cash, cheque, card and other Visa/ MasterCard alternatives.

For shopping, carry liquid cash for safety. This is because, apart from the malls which accept cards you might like to shop from the local stalls and small shopping joints.

Even if you are assisted with a travel guide, it is always better to carry a local travel map along with you.

Always carry important helpline numbers when you are going for a long vacation. These would mostly include medical centers, police stations, consumer court, list of famous hotels and restaurants, fire stations, airports and railways.

If your destination needs Visa, passport and other documents carry them in a safe file. You can get them photocopied and use them until the original is required.

Carry a small medical kit, containing medicines, band-aids, anti-septic lotions, scissors, anti-flammation creams and digestive pills.

Holiday Vacation Tips

Different locations would require different travel tips. If you are visiting a sea beach, your travel kit is going to be different from that of someone visiting an island. Let us browse over few quick holiday vacation tips.

Beach Holiday Tips

Carry light summer and beach dresses.

When going for a beach destinations carry suntan creams.

Other important accessories are walking slippers, hats, sunglasses and beachwear’s.

If you want to participate in water sports carry your sports shoes and dress.

We suggest when you are participating in any water sports to seek the help of a trainer if you are a novice.

Carry mineral water bottles while you travel.

When eating from the beach food joints or shopping from beach stalls use cash.

 Mountain Holiday Tips

Most people visit hill stations during the winter months. We suggest you carry your woolies and winter garments.

Some hill stations are extremely cold during winters. In such cases, you can plan your trip accordingly..

When going for sight seeing enquire about the safe areas. That is, areas free of landslides or other local hindrances.

Carry essential sports gears if you would be participating in adventure sports and other outdoor activities.

These are few fast and easy holiday tips that you can follow. If you are visiting an Island, one of the essential island vacation tips is book the package deals or guided tours.

Holiday Loans

 Holiday loans are loans that will meet all your holiday expenses. There are times when we need a break but we’re not able to do so due to financial crunch. We can turn to these loans that will help us take care of our holiday expenses. There are many lenders who extend cash advances to individuals seeking financial aid. You can take out a loan on Christmas, Hanukah, Thanksgiving, and Halloween or any other festive occasion.

You can also approach a lender who will match your needs and help you to get a loan as per your requirement. These loans are small cash advances. The minimum amount you can take out usually differs from one state to another.

 Factors that affect loans

The loans you take out for a holiday are basically unsecured loans. In other words, these loans do not need collateral. All you need is a fairly good credit history. However, if your credit history is not satisfactory, you can still get a loan but at a higher APR or Annual Percentage Rate.

 It is very important for you to keep track of the APR and ask your lender to explain the calculation. For instance, if you are taking out a loan of an amount USD$100, the Annual Percentage Rate is approximately 506.94%. This figure will differ from one lender to another.

 These are usually short-term loans. These are required to be paid back as soon as you get your next paycheck. A failure to do so will multiply the rate of interest drastically.

 How to apply for holiday loans

There are many lenders who will extend these loans without any credit check. However, you may come across few lenders who will ask you to provide the following –

 Current pay stubs

Bank statements

Income proof

Photo identification

You can walk into the office of a lender or apply for a loan online. There is an advantage of applying for a loan online. You can compare the rates of interest and also the APR. Take out loan from a lender who is offering lower APR. However, the online lender has to have good credibility. It is risky to give away your bank account details. It may lead to identity theft. By all means you have to dodge the predatory online lenders.

How to find a lender

There are various ways in which you can settle for the right lender. Few of them are –

 Compare rates of interest online

Check credibility of lenders online

Ask your friends and relatives who have availed a loan before

Compare Annual Percentage Rate

Read the fine print. This includes the terms and conditions of the loans

Evaluate your monthly income and expenses

Work out a repayment plan

Finally take the plunge

Repayment of holiday loans

You can pay back these loans either by electronic fund transfer or check. At the time of loan approval, your lender will ask you the mode of repayment. Opt for the one that you will be able to comfortably pay back in. For instance, if you instruct your bank to electronically transfer the loan amount along with interest, the day your loan term ends, your cash will be transferred.

 Alternatively, you can also pay back in check. Make sure you get a copy of the receipt of the loan amount by the bank. Oftentimes, it is seen that lenders tend to ask for the payment again even after the loan account has been closed. You will find several such rip-off reports. As such, it is better to tread cautiously.



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